quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2007

Material de Escritório

Tenho que confessar: meus olhos brilham qdo passo em frente a uma papelaria e vejo aquela imensa variedade de cadernos de capa dura, espirais, cores, modelos; pastas transparentes; assim como qualquer outro objeto de escritório .... imediatamente, me vem à mente a palavra organizar, o que leva à imagem de um gaveteiro ou aquele Desk Organizer onde cabem papéizinhos, canetas, lápis, post-its!!

Então vcs podem imaginar o que eu senti ao visitar o site Behance >> Tip: Advertise Action to Yourself e me deparei com a imagem de uma homeoffice cheia de lembretes coloridos!! kkkk

outras coisinhas:

free online organizer!

desk-drawer ; storage boxes ; magnetic organizer ; formulário ; ClutterBuster Organizer !

Helio stuff:

stationary organizer ; soft desk fan ; tool organizer ; The Hipster - A Personal Trailer ; giant swiss army knife (under supervision) ; $85,700 World’s Fastest Office ; Finger Forks (time saver) ; Play Sudoku on Toilet Tissue ; USB Teddy Bear Storage.; Electric Ball Clock – The Strange Clock ; USB-powered drink chiller / warmer keeps beverages happy ; The Keyboard Organizer from myKeyO ; Tango! Communicator ;

the last but not the least : USB Keyboard Bra from Angel Kitty !!!!

I don’t understand the logic that goes behind something like this Keyboard shaped like female undergarments. Not just this, the Wonderbra powered USB keyboard, designed by a Japanese Company called Angel Kitty, is wearable.
Yes, in case you are a big time geek and you cannot take your eyes off that computer of yours, then this one seems to be a perfect gift for your girlfriend, which will indirectly satiate your techie-cravings.
With an aim to take care of the wearer’s body, the manufacturers have lined this keyboard garment with silicone padding…how considerate! Look at the way the girl is lying down here…don’t you think she has is in a real awkward position?
Akihabara from Cool Buzz

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