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Wikimedia Projects

Wikimedia projects

Wikipedia : Encyclopedia containing more than 7 million articles in 250 languages.

Wiktionary : Dictionary cataloging meanings, synonyms, etymologies and translations

Wikibooks : Collection of free educational textbooks and learning materials.

Wikiquote : Collection of quotations structured in numerous ways.

Wikisource : Project to provide and translate free source documents, such as public domain texts.

Wikimedia Commons : Repository of images, sounds, videos and general media, containing more than 1,000,000 files.

Wikimedia Incubator : Used to test possible new Wikimedia projects and new languages for existing projects.

Wikispecies : Directory of species data on animalia, plantae, fungi, bacteria, archaea, protista and all other forms of life.

Wikinews : News source containing original reporting by citizen journalists from many countries.

Wikiversity : Courses, course materials, tests. Announced to go into beta testing, little has been officially decided on its structure.

Project coordination

Wikimedia project coordination (launched November 2001).

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